Lit Up Orange

Thanks for your curiosity in all those orange lights around the city…

The concept is simple… Technology Company Members of VIATEC have been given orange LED light bulbs to place in their most prominent windows and leave on overnight… every night. Why? To start shining a little more light on our local tech sector, Greater Victoria’s #1 industry!

We have millions of visitors that walk our streets every year and most leave knowing a great deal about our flowers, tea and killer whales, but very few can SEE our tech sector.

Those lights you see represent over 900 tech companies in Greater Victoria, with 23,000 tech workers, annual revenues of over $3.15 Billion and an Economic Impact of over $4 Billion!

VIATEC has spent decades conducting the studies, sharing the data and making sure more people than ever know about our vibrant tech sector. It’s vital that we do this to attract more talent and investment so that all of our members can keep growing.

We’re pleased that major media like The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and Vogue Magazine have taken to the Tectoria moniker we created for the industry a few years back and now we are ready to reveal “Lit Up Orange”!

Thanks for your interest in “Lit Up Orange” and be sure to tell your family and friends about it so that our little secret spreads far and wide. Check out the links at the top of this page to learn more about opportunities in “Tectoria”.